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Meet Tara the Hero Cat at the CFA Show in Palm Springs on Saturday, June 14, 2014

cfa_southwest_region The Cat Fanciers’ Southwest Region along with the Santa Monica Cat Club present “All That Glitters!”, an allbreed and household pet show.  Tara the hero cat will be making a special appearance at the show from 1-3pm!

On May 14, 2014 the tabby cat saved her four year old owner Jeremy Triantafilo, who was riding his bike and was attacked by the neighbor’s guard dog. Tara was caught on home security video coming out of nowhere and

Tara the Hero Cat & Jeremy

Tara the Hero Cat & Jeremy

hurling her body at the dog, disrupting the attack, chasing the dog away and saving Jeremy. She instantly became a You Tube sensation with over 22 million views.  According to Roger Triantafilo, Tara adopted the couple as a kitten and followed them home one day. After Jeremy was born, Tara would climb into his crib and curl up beside him.  

After the cat show, Tara and her family will be honored at CFA’s Regional Awards Banquet at the Renaissance Palm Springs Hotel, where Tara will be presented with the CFA Hero Cat Award. Tara will also receive gifts from CFA Corporate Partners: Sturdi Products, Critter Zone, Pioneer Pet and Royal Canin. Roger Triantafilo, Tara’s owner, said, “We chose to accept this award on behalf of Tara, to honor her heroic actions. Our family supports Tara just like any family member whose bravery deserves celebration. To be recognized for such an award is a great honor for our family and Tara deserves every bit of praise for showing her devotion to Jeremy in such a selfless way. We are extremely grateful to the Cat Fanciers’ Association for making this award possible and honoring Tara with us.”

No matter what time you arrive, you should be able to see your favorite breed or class being judged within an hour or so.  There will be six judging rings going on concurrently.  You’re free to watch whichever ring you’d like for however long you wish.

Also plan on visiting our great group of vendors with everything from premium cat food, cat trees, beds, furniture, scratchers, toys and cat-related gift items.

The show is at the Palm Springs Convention Center, 277 N. Avenida Caballeros, Palm Springs, CA  92262.   Admission is $5 for people 12 & up.  Children 11 and under are free.  The show hours are 8:30am-4pm.

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